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ShEx - Shape Expressions

Validation, traversal and transformation of RDF graphs.

Shape Expressions is a structural schema language for RDF graphs. It allows one to describe profiles of data like this:

# our EmployeeShape reuses the FOAF ontology
<EmployeeShape> {                # An <EmployeeShape> has:
    foaf:givenName  xsd:string+,   # at least one givenName.
    foaf:familyName xsd:string,    # one familyName.
    foaf:phone      IRI*,          # any number of phone numbers.
    foaf:mbox       IRI            # one FOAF mbox.
# Employee7 matches EmployeeShape
    foaf:givenName  "Robert", "Taylor" ;
    foaf:familyName "Johnson" ;
    # no phone number needed
    foaf:mbox       <>


Implementations and platforms

shex.js(wiki,repo), runs on n3.js
Lille implJava
ShaclexScala (Jena)
Ruby ShExRuby